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About Us

Pax Et Lumen International Academy was conceived to be a school that will meet international and regional standards.  Its curriculum, based on the Basic Elementary Education Curriculum, aims to set a new standard in elementary education in Region III through an enriched curriculum in Science, Mathematics, and the English Language.

Pax et Lumen International Academy will introduce simple science concepts as early as the pre-elementary or kindergarten years. Equipped with advance teaching reference materials and resources in science and math from abroad, the school will create an excitement about a “whole new world” of wonders about what composes the earth and the universe and what makes them work.


Pax Et Lumen International Academy's Mission and Vision

The school prepares K to 12 students to become ready for new fields of expertise needed to address future challenges in society, in business, and in our natural environment, while developing in them a sense of spirituality and commitment to national development.

Through exposure to all fields of knowledge, the school wants its students to see and love the Creator through the wonders of the universe.

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