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The Administrators and Staff

Academic Provost: Olive San Antonio

Ms. Olive or Ma’am Olive has almost 30 years of experience as an administrator in the Grade School of Maryknoll/Miriam College. Trained at the oldest teachers’ university– the Philippine Normal University– she loves teaching teachers and helping parents help their children.  She is a textbook consultant and has written textbooks for Reading and English.  She has a good sense of humor, and often jokes about herself. An avid collector of arts and crafts as well as a lover of plants and flowers, she has transformed her house into a pretty cozy place where she enjoys entertaining colleagues and friends.

Vice President: Myrna Gopez-San Agustin

An author of a college textbook in accounting, VP Myrna San Agustin has an intensive accounting and auditing experiences in the US.  She worked for many years at a  US consultancy firm that handled the accounts of Fortune 500 companies.

A former college instructor in New Jersey, Ms. Myrna was a consistent honor student, from the grade school until her MBA studies at Ateneo de Manila.  She is in charge of the finances and technology planning for the school.  She has also taken on the role of Principal or Headmaster.

She believes that being involved in education is involvement in God’s mission as a school builds the student who will later on become a professional and a member of a future family as well as his or her community.

President: Laura Quiambao-Del Rosario

Ms Lullah has four related passions: science, mathematics, literature, and education.  A career or professional (accidental, she says) diplomat assisting in coordinating international economic relations, she raised two sons to enjoy the sciences, mathematics, and technology.  She still gives lectures in various institutions in the fields of literature and economic relations.

With her friend of fifty years (VP Myrna Gopez-San Agustin) and with their shared belief in doing one’s part in contributing to the spiritual and moral evolution of the world, she took up the challenge of putting up a school providing foundation skills in facing the modern world: individuals who can read well, who can understand the complexities of nature’s challenges–through the sciences– and who can appreciate the role of technology in addressing the future.

Comptroller:  Estee Marie Quiazon

Estee Marie Quiazon is the all-around Girl Friday of the Principal’s and Administration Office.   She left a lucrative job with an international accounting company and the chance to return to London in exchange for her job at Pax et Lumen International Academy.  The reason: she believes that education is doing God’s mission.

She’s patient with details and with people. For any complaints– tell her and she’ll see what she can do about it.  The Administration Office is livelier and more efficient with her around.

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