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Academic Activities

Co-Curricular Activities for Every Quarter

The school holds co-curricular activities regularly. These are done every grading quarter. These activities are thematic and follow regular school celebrations such as Linggo ng Wika, Nutrition Month, Science Month, United Nations Day, etc. These are usually done on the day of the Parents-Teachers Conference and card distribution day held four times a year.

The School Play

The school also holds an annual “play” or “skit” to give children an opportunity to perform before an audience. Performing before an audience helps develop a child’s confidence in public speaking, memorization, and group work. School plays or skits can bring out a child’s talent in the performing arts.

The School Play is also used as a ‘teaching method’ to help students learn values, historical facts, or science information.

Extra-Curricular Activities through the Student Clubs

There are also extra-curricular activities that the students may choose to join through the Student Clubs such as : Journalism Club, Science Club, Arts and Crafts Club, and Sports Club.  Club Meetings are held at least once or twice a month.

Annual Field Trip

An annual field trip is done for students in various grades to cover areas of historical or natural interests such as the Manila Planetarium, the Cultural Center of the Philippines, Intramuros, Malacanang Museum, etc.

Whenever available, students are also brought to school plays performed by the Repertory Philippines or by the CCP.

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