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Learning about the Continents and Other Countries on United Nations Day

Pax et Lumen International Academy improved the traditional presentation and student parade of national costumes of various countries during the annual United Nations Day celebrations last October.

Aware that most students do not even know where the countries they represent through the costumes are located, the school wrote a skit about the world’s continents.

Each grade level represented a continent. And from each continent, certain countries were represented by the students who wore the national costumes of these chosen countries.

While reciting lines describing the continents and the countries, the students in each grade level therefore introduced or reviewed the world’s continents: Asia, North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Australia, Antarctica, and the Arctic.

They learned that Australia is both a country and a continent—a unique characteristic. They learned, among other countries, about Syria, Iran, Iraq, and Egypt as well as Sudan Ethiopia, Myanmar, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Brazil and Kazakhstan, in addition to the more commonly known countries of Japan, China, Korea, Thailand, Canada, Russia, France, England, Italy, and the United States.

And as they recited the lines, they walked onto the stage wearing the distinctive costumes of various countries.

Each year, the United Nations Day presents an opportunity to learn more about the more than 200 nations in the world.

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