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PAX Chairman accepted the position of President of Miriam College

Pax et Lumen's Chairman and faculty member is formally scheduled to assume a simultaneous role as President of Miriam College while remaining as a faculty member of the High School unit in Economics, Contemporary Issues, and English Grammar and Literature.

Ms. Lullah Q Del Rosario accepted the position of President of Miriam College with the assurance that she can remain as a faculty member and Chairman of the Board of Pax et Lumen International Academy.

For Ms Lullah, as she prefers to be called at Pax, her commitment to Pax et Lumen is life-long. Together with the Board of Directors and the members of her own family, and the other administrators, she is pursuing new means of teaching and learning as she calls for discussions on new approaches with educational providers.

She hopes that the parents will be able to share and give their comments on new technologies to be adopted so that learning and teaching can be done despite interruption of classes due to weather and natural disasters affecting the province of Pampanga, these new technologies are being reviewed by the Pax Administrative Team.

Mr. Genesis Vital who is coordinating Pax's textbook evaluation under Ms Olive San Antonio, the Academic Provost, is part of the technology evaluation team, while Ms San Antonio takes lead in the textbook evaluation efforts.

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