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University of Santo Tomas and Pax Et Lumen

The Secretary General of UST, Rev. Fr. Jesus Miranda congratulated the President of Pax et Lumen when they met during the launching of the UST Protocol Manual at the UST Museum on Thursday, May 23. It is an achievement that Pax has been modest about. Sec Gen Fr Miranda learned that one of the Grade 10 graduates of Pax et Lumen two years ago, Portia Simsuangco made it to the six-year medical degree program of UST for the school year 2019-2020. "It is a very rigorous and demanding program," he said. " Instead of the usual eight years to get a medical degree, the students admitted into this UST program will get theirs after only six years. Your school deserves to be proud of having been part of this child's crucial academic training in in her junior high school." The Secretary General explained that hundreds applied for an admission slot in this highly selective six-year program and that only 90 students from all over the Philippines were selected. The fact that a student of Pax made it to the exclusive list of 90, and that she belonged to the third batch (only) of Grade 10 students graduates speaks loudly of the high quality of math and science training Pax students get from their teachers. Fr Miranda advised Pax to inform all Pax parents about this achievement of a student from Pax to inspire their children to aim as high as they can and to aim for admission into UST's prestigious professional programs.

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