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Educational Philosophy

Pax Et Lumen International Academy, incorporated in 2007, is a selective elementary school. The small class sizes of less than 30 provide a conducive environment for learning and better interaction between teacher and students.

Its rigorous curriculum - focused on math, science, and language proficiency as well as on other areas of intelligence and an inquiry-oriented teaching method - aims to set a new standard in elementary education through its enriched curriculum.

Pax Et Lumen International Academy is a Christian school that will promote spiritual consciousness and value formation among its students by making them aware and respectful of other religions, belief systems, and cultures in the world. It emphasizes the formation of universal values.

It is a co-educational school. Admission will be based on a child’s ability without any regard for gender, race, economic class, or religion. It has an administrative and teaching community that respects the uniqueness of each individual.

It uses academic, spiritual, cultural, and physical activities to bring out the best in each student. It works closely with parents in guiding their children through regular parent-teacher meetings.

Pax Et Lumen International Academy’s ideals are summarized thus: “peace and light through wisdom and compassion” – Lumen, Pax, Prudentia, et Pietas.

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