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Sharing the Fun and Lessons of Science with Other Students

Pax et Lumen International Academy, the Science and Math School of Angeles City, held a Science Fair and a combined Science Art, Slogan, and Quiz Contests at SM Clark events center on 9 February, Sunday, from 12 noon to 4:00 pm

Featured at the Science Fair were products made by Pax et Lumen students in the laboratory: soap, organic kamias vinegar, and skin lotion. The science projects of Pax students were also featured like, among others, a robot, toy cart, a submarine, and an atomic structure of elements, made from scrap materials. To show that rich food can be made more “health-full”, cookies and cupcakes baked with malunggay leaves and nuts as well as crackers spread with kamias jam and jelly were distributed to the passers-by and onlookers.

Students from other schools, on the other hand, competed in a slogan making contest, in creating art from junk, and in a science quiz contest. The theme of the Science Fair and the combined Science Contests was “Enhancing the Role of Science in Adapting to Climate Change.”

Cash prizes, trophies, and medals were awarded to winning students and their schools. Pax et Lumen hopes that events such as the one held at SM Clark will promote appreciation of the role of science in one’s everyday life, understanding of the principles of science, and expand the image of science as a “fun subject”.

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