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Pax et Lumen International Academy Considers Partnering with a Korean School and an Illinois- based

In a recent invitation from a Korean School based in Seoul, Korea, Pax et Lumen, through its President, Mrs. Laura Q. Del Rosario, opened its doors to partnering with this Korean school to foster exchange of knowledge between students in regard to the culture, language, and lifestyle of each country.

Similarly in a recent visit of our Headmaster in one of the elementary schools in Illinois, USA, an agreement was reached that sparked excitement between the Principal of that school and our Headmaster, Mrs. Myrna G. San Agustin. The agreement involves sharing experiences among the students and faculty of both schools. This will broaden the students’ knowledge of the culture, first hand experiences, languages, and other practices in both countries.

The principal reiterated his appreciation of this idea as it fosters not only camaraderie among students from the other side of the globe, but will likewise provide a vehicle to promote understanding of climate change in a global perspective.

The collaboration between the Korean and US schools with Pax et Lumen will enhance the quality of education as sharing first-hand experience is one of the most powerful tools to better the education of students. Moreover, these partnerships generate enthusiasm and motivation among students to help them understand how local and global are connected. They can deepen students’ understanding and empathy which in turn will motivate them to make them aware of their responsibilities as citizens in terms of climate change, for example.

Mrs. San Agustin is on to another visit by May 21 in another school in New Jersey to explore the teaching and art practices of that institution.

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