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High School Student Presents Science Research Findings to the Faculty of Pax Et Lumen International

Guyrine Pamintuan, a high school graduating student, presented her research findings to the faculty of Pax et Lumen International Academy a few days before she completed her high school graduation requirements.

Her research was on the termiticide effect of adult crude leaf extract of the talisay tree against damp wood termites. The termites were exposed to varying concentration of the crude leaf extract of talisay and the results showed that there is a significant difference between the negative control and the varying concentrations (25%, 50%, 75% concentration) of the crude leaf extract from the talisay tree (Terminalia catappa) and the mortality rate of the damp wood termites ( Zootermopsis angusticollis). Her research showed that the extract of the test plan is a possible candidate for a termiticide.

Because of Guyrine’s experience in competently handling the research, the school administration decided that all Grade 10 students of Pax et Lumen will complement term paper writing/ composition with lessons in actual science research.

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