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Nurturing Interest in Engineering and Technology as Global Career Options in Grades 7 and 8 through

Pax et Lumen International Academy (The Science and Math School) in Angeles City will introduce basic robotics to its Grade 7 and 8 students starting June 2015. This move is part of enhancing its science, technology, engineering, and math curriculum (or STEM) as Pax builds itself to be a STEM school in the future when it opens its Grades 11 to 12 levels. The study of robotics is also a means to introduce its young male and female students to possible career choices when they grow up .

It has been observed by human resource analysts that 21st century jobs are evolving. Some jobs will be rendered obsolete by the time current junior and middle school students graduate from college just as the past few years have seen the emergence of new jobs and skills. Robotics will be taught once a week by Teacher Saldi who trained in robotics as a science student and as a teacher at Pax.

While the school promotes interest in science and math-based subjects, it also considers learning other skills related to learning academics and values, such as individual planning, systematic thinking, project execution, cooperation, patience, group work, courtesy to co-workers, and having fun –while the students apply principles learned in physics and general science.

For partial or full scholarships in high school, please inquire in Admissions Office.

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