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Computer on Wheels? Robotics?–Global Jobs for Today’s Young

For parents who may be wondering what their child’s job might be in the future, placing importance on their children’s math and science training is one key step that they have to make. Pax et Lumen wants to share that robotics, self-driving car engineering, systems and quality control management are careers that even an ordinary boy and girl ( not just the so-called nerd) who wants to have an exciting or global job should consider. For instance– more and more, cars are becoming computers on wheels. The prototype of a self-driving car is already available, manufactured by Google. It is a high end computing machine that does not need a driver to go from one place to another. This technological wonder shows that computer services , done by computer and software engineers, may take over strategic innovations in the car manufacturing industry that used to be dominated by mechanical engineers. Another development in the manufacturing sector is the use of robots. Welding and painting of cars are now done by robots that can be bought from robot manufacturing companies. Other manufacturers who need to automate their production can buy the robots they need from robot manufacturers. Imagine yourself working for a factory that produces robots! Robotics is not just for the future– it has been used in various industries for more than 20 years and the use of robots is growing. Schools like Pax et Lumen who plan to offer a Senior High School curriculum ( grades 11 and 12) focusing on STEM or Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics can prepare young students for well-paying jobs in these fields. Starting June 2015, Pax will offer robotics for Grades 7 and 8 students. This course presents simple principles in robotics. This subject is added to the enriched math and science subjects of Pax that have longer contact hours in the classroom than what other schools have. Robotics can be fun as demonstrated during robotics olympiads in Cebu and Manila. Pax wants to show parents in Pampanga that an ordinary but serious young girl or boy who has big dreams will be trained to help him realize his dream without having to go to a science high school. And as Pax builds its resources, intermediate robotics can be offered in a couple of years. So we invite adventurous students with parents who have foresight to try the high school level at Pax et Lumen.

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