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Hellos and Goodbyes at Pax Et Lumen

As part of its mission to train dedicated educators and future administrators, on a three- year rotating basis ( with special extended terms), the president of Pax et Lumen has designated Teacher Genesis Vital as Assistant Academic Provost in charge of coordinating admissions, grading standards, and scholarship awards starting SY 2015. Teacher Monica Vital, on the other hand, was designated as Academic Records Administrator, Student Activities Coordinator, and DepEd Liaison Officer.

Teachers Saldi Amador and Petewell Abad will continue their functions as Science Curriculum Development Coordinators, and writers- editors of Pax’s own Science Laboratories’ Manuals for Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Teacher Giordan Del Rosario will continue teaching high school special science subject modules on Science Courses for the 21st Century.

Aware that parents, grandparents, guardians, and teachers of young students need an extra hand in dealing with growing up pains among children or parenting challenges in a hectic family environment, Guidance Counselor Elinor De Leon will be there to lend a guiding hand. Teacher Elinor will also handle Values Education.

Pax et Lumen administrators, faculty, and parents, on the other side, bid ‘Fare thee well, Beloved’ to Teacher Raquel Bacani who has reached her age of retirement in May and to Teacher Leslie David who will be giving birth to (and raising) her third child soon.

The Pax community thank them for their dedicated service and wish them all the best as they enter a new phase in their lives. We wish them God’s special blessings as we look back to the ‘pioneering’ times they were at Pax.

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