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Korean Students of OKSU Korean School in Seoul Taste “Pancit” and “Puto”

Korean students of Oksu School, a partner school of Pax et Lumen in Seoul, Korea tasted Philippine puto and pancit prepared by Consul General Iric Arribas of the Philippine Embassy in Seoul. Pax et Lumen International Academy have been exchanging letters with students in English of Oksu School in Seoul. In one of the exchange of letters, their teacher requested for a recipe of a Philippine dessert. Thinking that a “puto” recipe would be easier to follow, Pax et Lumen students sent it. The recipe was tried, but the students did not find it tasty enough. Maybe they put too much baking powder as it had a bitter aftertaste, they said. Nevertheless they displayed the “puto” recipe in the lobby of the second floor. One day last May, Consul General Iric Arribas visited the school and saw the recipe poster. He also learned of the unsuccessful attempt to cook puto. So he asked his cook to prepare” puto” and pancit for the students! The students enjoyed the “puto” as each one asked for “one more, please” until all the pieces of “puto” were all gone. They liked the pancit, too, and tried to compare it with other noodle dishes. It was their first experience to eat the Filipino version of the Chinese inspired noodle dish. Consul General Arribas extended an invitation to the Oksu students to visit Angeles City and to sit in the classes of Pax et Lumen and be with their Filipino pen friends from the school.

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