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Enjoying and Learning Technology, Engineering, Physics, and Science Through Robotics

Pax Et Lumen students in the junior high school (grades 7 to 10) are given the rare opportunity to study robotics as part of their computer science, physical science, and math-related classes.

Starting June 2015, Robotics is taught to ALL the students without exception once they step into Grade 7. Through this course the students learn to brainstorm solutions and test them; gain experience in measuring distance, circumference, rotational speed, coordinate systems, convert between decimals and fractions, program and control input and output devices, use new wireless communication technology, investigate transfer of energy, force, speed, power relationships, the effect of friction. In short, Robotics bridge the knowledge learned in mathematics and science through technology.

Pax et Lumen hopes to build a small robotics laboratory through the years.

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