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EFFECTIVE PARENTING : A Seminar for Pax Parents

Parenting is a skill that is not as easy as instinct. Otherwise there would not be children with challenges at home or in school. Parents with many children also know that their children who were brought up under the same circumstances still turned out differently. Children are indeed imbued with different personality traits! Pax et Lumen, in cooperation with its Parents- Teachers Association therefore held a seminar on how to be a better and effective parent. Through this seminar the PTA and the school hoped to help Pax parents bring out the best in their children and to develop a better parent-child relationship at home. Moreover, the school believes that a happy child at home learns better and behaves better in school. The parenting seminar was held on 26 September, Saturday. It was an interactive one which enhanced the learning experience of the parent- attendees. The seminar covered the following topics: 1. The difference between discipline and punishment 2. The three styles of parenting 3. Identifying one’s parenting style and improving one’s parenting skills 4. The right discipline for the right age Rated ”’excellent” by those who attended, the basic parenting seminar may be held again this school year if there will be at least 24 parents who will be interested to attend. Friends of Pax’s parents will be welcomed to attend. The school will once more help invite the parenting consultant or expert and will provide the venue. And for those who attended this first seminar, a follow-up seminar may be planned in the near future. Effective parenting is indeed one objective that cannot be taken for granted, and it can lead to happy and successful adults in the future.

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