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A Visit to the Malacañang Museum

The whole student body of Pax et Lumen took a day off from regular classes to visit the Presidential Palace’s museum on 5 December. It was part of their annual field trip.

The students were brought to the Presidential Palace, called Malacanang ( lacan or lakan means nobleman), to make them see in person where the President lives and works.

During the Spanish colonial times, the Spanish Governors General stayed at the Palacio del Gobernador at the Intramuros. They used Malacanang only temporarily, especially after an earthquake had damaged the Palacio in 1863.

The American Governors General improved Malacanang and it has been the seat of power for more than 150 years now. Governor General Leonard Wood was the first American Governor General to reside at Malacanang. Further improvements were done when President Manuel L. Quezon became the first President of the Philippine Commonwealth.

The Museum, which is open to the public, holds the memorabilia of the past presidents of the Republic.

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