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PAX introduces four new teachers

Teacher Rhonalyn Licup is a most promising young teacher whose energy and smiling face should help the Grade 2 students go through the deepening of their skills in the three R’s, namely reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithmetic. Teacher Rhonalyn’s special mission is to make sure that the Grade Two students become better readers, writers, and speakers as she also levels up her pupils’ math skills. Outside school, one will find Teacher Rhonalyn busy cleaning her home and cooking. Surfing the internet is another past time of Teacher Rhona as the internet provides her with a wealth of knowledge on facts and current events.

Teacher Butz Bernardo has a strong background in Music and the Arts so music lessons go beyond the usual song and dance routines. He can mentor students to play string instruments (violin and guitar) as a nice adventure. He finished his tertiary education from the Lyceum of the Philippines. Teacher Butz has also been math teacher to the lower grades. His patience in handling young ones helps them improve their math functions. He is looked up to as an ‘uncle’ by the very young students and so the young students do not feel intimidated when they learn their arithmetic functions.

Teacher Aiza Maniacup is multi- functional. With her natural talent for home arts and crafts, she not only does the health and home economics subjects but she also teaches a couple of social science classes in the Middle School and in Grade 7. When not teaching Teacher Aiza loves to write stories about social issues.

Senior Teacher Laura or Lullah Q . Del Rosario has joined Pax bringing with her a 15- year teaching experience. She handles Economics and Philippine Development as well as World History and Civilizations. Having worked in the areas of international economic relations, she introduces practical applications to the economic concepts that Pax students are learning and ‘brings down’ to the level of the mid- teenagers complex concepts. In World History, she said that her students should become familiar, by the end of the year, with all countries from Angola to Azerbaijan from Zambia to New Zealand and the major cultures and historical events in the world. As an English major, she does team-teaching in the Grade One class. She handles story-telling to expand the vocabulary and speaking skills of Grade One pupils.

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