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Pax Partners with a Korean School

In a recent invitation from Oksu Elementary School, designated by Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education, Pax et Lumen, through its President, Mrs. Laura Q. Del Rosario, opened its doors to partnering with this Korean school to foster exchange of knowledge between students with regards to the culture, language, and lifestyle of each country.

The collaboration between Oksu and Pax through letter exchanges will enhance the quality of education as sharing first-hand experiences is one of the most powerful tools. Moreover, these partnerships generate enthusiasm in writing and motivation among students to help them understand how the local and the global are connected. They foster not only camaraderie among students from the other parts of the globe, but likewise provide a vehicle to promote understanding of climate change in a global perspective.

This week, Pax pupils and students received goodies along with the second batch of letters from their Korean friends. Pure happiness and amazement can truly be seen in our students’ eyes. Pax students are now preparing their replies along with their arts to be sent via airmail to their Korean friends.

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