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Subscribing to the belief that the first three years of a child's schooling is important, Pax et Lumen has started a teaching program to strengthen its focus on the early years of a child's development. The program will be led by Teacher Anna Marie Ternida, a pre-primary teaching expert with 15 years of teaching experience in China, Indonesia, and Singapore.

Teacher Marie will herself teach Grade 1 students at Pax et Lumen, but she will also mentor the Kindergarten and Grade Two teachers on how to improve their teaching delivery of knowledge and skills in the main areas of numeracy (numbers or mathematics) and literacy (reading, writing, and speaking), to the very young.

Pax et Lumen in its continuous search for areas to be improved, by partnering with Teacher Marie in early childhood education shows the school's commitment to one of its beliefs, "We honor God through excellence" and demonstrates the school's dedication to serve the parents and its student community in the best way it can.

School year 2017-2018 will therefore mark a new milestone in Pax's early childhood education program.

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